Platform Marketing

I worked with Platform starting in May 2017. In this role I developed marketing strategies for real estate agents that on average doubled their monthly revenue.
Since the agent’s success depended on consistent follow-up with the leads we brought in, I conducted weekly phone calls with each client to discuss challenges and set goals. As I built these relationships, I learned how to tailor my coaching to the different personalities so I could most effectively build trust and motivate my clients.

I implemented Facebook ad campaigns for each account based on the demographics of their local market—this involved editing photos and videos, designing graphics, and writing copy for both ads and landing pages. Through rigorous A/B testing and analysis, I maintained an average CTR of 5% and 2% conversion rate. I also created email campaigns with 30% average open rate.

As new hires joined the team, I trained them on both ad campaign management and client coaching, putting together training materials and conducting part of the on boarding process.

In this role I grew proficient in both the creative and technical aspects of social media marketing. On the interpersonal side, I developed the skills to convince established professionals to trust me and follow my advice for growing their business.


In 2015 I joined the team at GlobeIn, a Bay Area startup dedicated to the mission of solving poverty by connecting artisans in remote areas of the world to the global economy. They provide a subscription box service and host an online store.

As a small company in a saturated market of subscription boxes, we set ourselves apart through superior customer service. The customer base tripled in size not long after I started as the sole customer support agent, requiring me to transition to a more efficient customer support software in order to keep up with the high volume of requests. Eventually I recruited two more agents to the support team, creating training materials and supervising their performance so that we maintained 95% satisfaction ratings and a reputation across the web for having the best customer service of any subscription box.

At the same time, I promoted the brand and fostered community engagement through social media marketing. I was able to increase the Facebook organic engagement from 2% to 10% by testing different types of content, analyzing data, and replicating CTAs from high-performing posts.

I later took on the role of Director of Operations, coordinating fulfillment and tracking inventory using a data visualization system I created.

My biggest takeaway throughout each of these high-pressure roles was that authentic communication can save you when everything else falls apart. Since we sourced products from small suppliers in developing countries with poor infrastructure, we often had no choice but to send out subscription boxes later than promised or with a different product than was advertised. Normally this would destroy customer loyalty and ruin our reputation, but we learned that by reaching out to customers through email and social media with a genuine, heartfelt explanation of the situation, they were more than forgiving. Many of them actually became more loyal to our cause through these difficulties since it made them feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


I created the business plan for the company with the goal of helping Latino small businesses gain an online presence by providing website development, digital marketing and consulting services. I used Social Media to reach new customers and developed digital marketing strategies for clients based on their unique position. Unfortunately, I had to abandon the project not long after launching it because of internal conflict.


From January 2015 through May, I worked at my second Praxis position at Levelwing, a digital marketing agency. As an SEO Analyst, I performed keyword research and implemented on-site optimizations for high-traffic e-commerce and informational websites, resulting in significant improvements in search rankings and website visitors. I used Google and Moz analytics tools to track progress and generate monthly reports, and I frequently collaborated with team members on digital marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients.

Samuel Jackson, Inc.

SJI is a small family-owned company that manufactures equipment for cotton gins around the world. I completed my first Praxis position there in the position of Training Coordinator from May 2014 to January 2015. During my time there, I created a new Customer Training program where I organized 6 bilingual workshops for cotton gin staff to learn about the advanced capabilities of the software and equipment. This involved designing and distributing flyers, assigning presenters, and facilitating the whole event. I also created instructional videos and manuals for the products in both Spanish and English.

Although I started with no prior experience in either agriculture or engineering, I finished with a thorough understanding of every step that cotton has to go through to get from the farmer’s field to the textile mills to eventually be made into cloth. Working in this niche market that few people even know exists gave me a greater appreciation for the spontaneous order of the economy: how even something like a T-shirt—the seemingly simplest products that you can buy for less than $5—have experts at every step of the way working to design a more efficient process to create a better final product.

The company was small enough that I was able to experience nearly every aspect of the business. I got to help out with the manufacturing process in the factory, attempt welding, wire equipment, assist with service work in cotton gins around Texas, close sales, meet with customers, and observe R&D. It was exciting to participate and see how SJI’s cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the cotton industry and setting higher standards for industry everywhere.

Freelance Language Specialist

Ever since high school I have been using my language skills to provide a variety of services through my network in Ukraine and in Pittsburgh. I have tutored students in ESL, Russian, and Spanish. I have translated website content and other documents and interpreted for Spanish and Russian speakers, including a Russian delegation of government officials touring the city of Pittsburgh. I have also provided proofreading services for websites, academic papers, and immigration documents.


While in college, from June 2012 to April 2014, I managed a small cleaning company in Pittsburgh, PA. Among other things, I hired team members, managed accounts, conducted home and commercial estimates, handled customer service, created website content, and translated for the primarily Spanish-speaking team members. Through this experience I discovered my passion for business and decided to pursue it as a career.

Faculty Research Assistant

During college, several of my professors sought out my help for their research projects. One of these consisted of developing a new curriculum for an advanced Russian language class. I chose the topic of Russian Popular Music throughout the 20th century as a way to explore the language and understand the culture. Another project involved researching statistics in the Russian language on discrimination of the Roma or Gypsy population in Western Ukraine.

Research Assistant for the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science

From September 2010 to January 2011 I assisted with a research project conducted by the CMU School of Computer Science to evaluate how online tutoring programs can help elementary students learn math. My responsibilities mostly consisted of entering and analyzing data using Microsoft Excel.

International and Academic Experience

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, as well as a minor in Economics, a minor in Chinese, and a certificate in Russian and East European Studies. For my senior capstone project, I created a website about Russian Rap music, which you can view here.

Independent Research

During my Junior and Senior years of college, I supplemented my coursework with an independent research project on the Linguistics of Russian Rap in Ukraine. I had spent my senior year of high school living in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine as a Rotary foreign exchange student, and that experience piqued my interest in the subject.

As part of my research, I returned to the Dnepropetrovsk to conduct fieldwork for 3 months during the summer of 2013. I won the Honors College Off-Campus Research Award, the David L. Lawrence Grant, and the REES Summer Scholarship to support my travels.

During my fieldwork, I explored the local underground rap scene, conducted interviews, visited local recording studios, and attended concerts. I later compiled my research into a paper and presented it at the REES Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Volunteer Work in the Dominican Republic

I spent three months during the Summer of 2011 living in a small village in the Dominican Republic, teaching English and music lessons. I also studied Spanish and attended classes at the Universidad de Acción Pro Educación y Cultura in Santo Domingo. Unlike many Americans who go to Caribbean islands as tourists or missionaries, I wanted to experience the real Dominican life. I lived in a typical Dominican house in the village and felt like I truly integrated myself
into their culture. As a result, I gained insight into the challenges of growing up in a developing country and how desperate many of the young people are for independence and opportunity.