Let’s Expose our Failures

What are you failing at? Your job? Your relationships? Your personal goals?

Think about it. Write it down. Talk about it.

It will be painful at first. Nauseating feelings of self-doubt may creep up, or they may hit you like a freight train, squashing you into the mud of self-loathing. But then you can muster the strength to pick yourself and climb higher on the path towards becoming the great person you know you have the potential to be.

We must recognize our failures not simply because we’re focusing on the negative, but because if we want to grow, then we have to set higher standards for ourselves than the ones we’re currently meeting. And that means we are necessarily failing at something. Only when we accept that failure can we begin solving the problem and moving forward.

Pinpointing your failures gives you a glimpse of where you want yourself to be, and it’s an exciting opportunity to set goals for yourself and redirect your path.

I’m failing at blogging. I could pretend that it doesn’t really matter, that blogs are a waste of time anyway. But deep down I know that I must write to be true to myself. As Audre Lorde said:

Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth. And that is not speaking.

I am afraid. People will misinterpret. People may criticize and judge me. But the pain of judgment is much less than the pain of suppressing who I am. So I resolve to speak my truth on this blog.

As T.K. Coleman says on the Praxis blog, keep failing forward.

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