Today, I took a break from civilization. I went on a hike through the mountains around Asheville, NC, built a roaring fire, and laid on the ground looking for shooting stars on the backdrop of the Milky Way. I listened to the leaves crunching under my feet and let the gurgling of the mountain streams speak to me. I felt the mud squish between my toes as a wild little boy led me through the woods.

I feel refreshed and connected to the earth. It’s remarkably fulfilling. It’s like when you don’t realize how thirsty you’ve been until you swallow that sip of cool water and feel your parched throat rejoice. I get so caught up in the bustle of cars and concrete and computers that I don’t even notice my thirst for nature.

It might sound like a load of horseshit, but I believe we are meant to be one with nature. I believe that many of the vanities we seek in life are an attempt to fill the void created by this disconnect with nature.

For millions of years, our genes adapted to a life that was intertwined with the natural world. When we lose that connection, we lose a part of ourselves.

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