I like to wander. I like to take untrodden or forbidden paths to explore new territory, where the travel is an end in itself, not the means of getting to a destination. If I come to a fork in the road, I can choose the most appealing path without worrying where it will end up or whether I will get lost. When you go places you’ve never been before, you open up your mind and realize that what you know is only the tiniest sliver of everything that’s out there.

My mind likes to wander too. To explore forbidden or eccentric ideas and see where they take me. To let curiosity guide me down unfamiliar trails where there is no end in sight. That’s where the best discoveries happen—you stumble upon them when you’re least expecting them. You don’t have a particular end in mind or a problem to solve, you just let your mind play around.

This type of exploration makes for the best conversation. You can voice the thoughts that pop into your head without evaluating them for appropriateness or fearing judgment, because you’re merely exploring the thought with another person. There’s no such thing as a wrong turn, because you’re not in a hurry and you can always circle back. You can follow the tangents and see where they lead you. Because you never know when you’ll come out of the woods to a stunning overlook of the world beneath you, where all the muddled pathways are laid clear.

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